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What’s the Best Post Workout Protein



Best Post Workout Nutrition

The post-workout meal is by far the most vital meal of the day. Your muscles will be aching from the effort you just put them through, and your energy will be low. It surprises me that most of the folks I meet at the gym do not obtain their post-workout nutrition. Why? Don’t you think it’s only fair to reward your body for all of its efforts? It’s like running a race and then slowing down to let others pass!

what's the best post workout protein
what’s the best post-workout protein

Post-workout nutrition is crucial to helping your body recover and replenish for the remainder of the day. Like a runner in a marathon, not finishing a task means no advancement. Your labor is for nothing.

Like you, I go to work every day to be paid. Just as the paycheck is the reward in this circumstance, so are your weekly workout results.

Most individuals are impatient to see results. The result will be a lack of drive or a conviction that your time in the gym was wasted. Don’t fall for it! If you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to heal, it will surely thank you.


So let’s get down to business with our post-workout nourishment…


Ever wonder why protein is so important while working out? The solution is easy. When our bodies are stressed (lifting weights, etc.), the increased resistance causes the muscle fibers to break down. The body will naturally begin to mend itself. Protein amino acids are the “building blocks” of this process. During this anabolic window of recovery, muscle fibers will return to their original shape if there isn’t enough protein in the cells to make them stronger.

Remember the paycheck scenario? Don’t work for free. Never labor for free.


Whey Protein is the finest protein source for muscle development and repair. After your exercise, a 30-45 minute anabolic window closes. It’s critical to get protein into your system within this time frame. Muscle fiber regeneration has begun, so don’t delay!

Depending on how much muscle your body has, you will need a particular amount of protein. I suggest 25g post-workout. Your body’s maximum gram intake is determined by digestion. To gain muscle, you should consume 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight every day. The protein content may increase if divided between 5-7 meals. Remember that…


I’ve lately been asked whether it’s okay to eat a high-protein post-workout meal instead of drinking one. Yes, this is totally OK. I realize that some individuals dislike whey or prefer a substantial meal in their stomach. But let me remind you of the 30-45 minute anabolic window. With this small length of time, solid meal digestion will likely take longer than a liquid protein source. The liquid will travel directly to the small intestine absorption source, putting you ahead of meals in the recovery queue. Thus, choose post-workout protein sources wisely.


Post-workout nutrition, like pre-workout nutrition, must have carbohydrates. Because protein is so important in our fitness culture, some individuals may skip this step. Many folks are unaware that our energy reserves were exhausted during our previous exercise. After the session, the energy must be supplied. If it isn’t, our bodies go into “starvation mode” and use our muscles as fuel (catabolism).

Muscle healing itself demands energy. Elevated insulin levels post-workout will speed up the absorption of nutrients and amino acids. After a workout, Arnold Schwarzenegger used to consume a full glass of chocolate milk to replenish his body’s sugar and protein stores. The nice aspect is that our bodies don’t prefer any particular carbohydrate post-workout.

Numerous studies have been done on this issue, but none has shown that healthy carbohydrates outperform simple sugars. When the body begins to heal, it seeks energy as quickly as possible. An insulin rise in the blood will provide the best recovery.

This does not imply consuming high-sugar, high-fat snacks! In every aspect of the diet, moderation is essential.


So, how many carbohydrates should I eat?

It all depends on your own ambitions. If you want to shed fat, that number may be lower than if you want to build muscle. Fitness experts say that your post-workout meal should have 20% to 25% of your daily carbohydrate needs.


When it comes to post-workout nutrition, protein and carbohydrates should be prioritized. Liquid meals are absorbed quicker than solid ones, so pick carefully. Remember, if you feed your body properly, it will definitely thank you! I hope this information was helpful. See ya!

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