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How to Get Fit Fast 60 Days of Selfishness



If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me how to become fit, I’d be living on a tropical island being fed grapes (organic, of course). But this is not my reality. So I will try my best to answer your question.

How to Get Fit Fast
How to Get Fit Fast

When asked, “What is the secret to being fit?” There are a few things to consider.

Regardless of research, everyone defines physical fitness differently.

Several strategies are available to attain physical fitness. I’m just mentioning Some.

What are the five components of physical fitness as defined by science?


All the “keys” to fitness involve consistent work from the individual to become healthy.

After determining these points, we may explore some quick techniques to increase your fitness. Here are four pieces of advice I would provide to anybody looking to become fit quickly.

So, without further ado, here you have it.

Sprint Regularly

Whether you’re jogging, biking, jumping rope or climbing a really tall tree, do it fast. This not only saves time but also improves the overall physiology of the action. Having stated that, let me clarify my final sentence. My previous assertion is a falsehood if you wish to run a marathon or swim to Tahiti.

That said, if you want to be slim and muscular, then my comment is spot on (give me my nickel-another grape please). Sprinters are strong, slender, and powerful. If you don’t believe me, try searching for “track sprinter” on Google Images.


Long-distance, low-intensity athletes (running, biking, etc.) tend to be slender, muscular, and unbalanced. You may look up “endurance athlete” on Google pictures. While I like all sorts of fitness activities and physiques, sprinters’ physiques are more in line with my ideal body image. Now that you know how to sprint, it’s time to start sprinting!

Dietary Reduction

Dietary reduction of grains and dairy is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness industry. In short, our bodies were not built to consume non-human grain products or dairy. Other than human milk, every other milk was created for the species’ young, not for us.

Human milk was created for humans to consume, but only during infancy. As soon as we can consume and chew our own food, we are designed to eat the incredible, sustainably designed foods the planet gives us. It’s easier to cultivate wheat, rye, or oats and carry them around in a bag than to hunt for rabbits or for walnuts in the winter.

Thankfully, we aren’t as hungry as we once were. If you’re hungry, go ahead and stock up on milk and bread. If you’re genuinely hungry, eat anything! If you want to be fit, not just survive, then avoid grains and dairy. They are harsh on the body, difficult to digest, addicting, cause inflammation, and make us bloated, lethargic, and obese. Grains (especially wheat) have been linked to brain damage and diseases including ADD, ADHD, and depression. Stay away from fattening foods like red meat and melons. Try it; that’s what our bodies were made for.

Personal Training

This isn’t an original tip, but it’s one of the greatest I can provide you with. Less than 1% of most gym members work with a personal trainer, while over 60% stop going and finally leave. Every January! People shuffle inside the gym as if guided by some primitive force. After a few weeks, the fresh faces fade away, and by March, it’s the same bunch of regulars.


We know that people who work with a personal trainer or fitness coach adhere to their plans, go to the gym regularly, and ultimately create habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Working with a fitness coach or trainer is one of the finest fitness recommendations I can give anybody. My only advice is to choose your coach properly. My personal trainer oversees my complete training regimen. That’s how much I believe in it.

60 Days of Selfishness

Many individuals struggle to become healthy because they need self-focus. Not just when working out, but also while cooking, eating, and interacting with loved ones. If you tend to put others before yourself, your odds of living a healthy lifestyle are limited to none. Concentrate on yourself, your objectives and aspirations, and what you need to do to become healthy.

Help your spouse and kids accept that they will eat more vegetables and fewer chicken nuggets this week. They will have to empty the dryer and fold some garments if you go to the gym. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will have to accept that you will be cycling on Saturday mornings, so she/he may either join you or sleep late. Finally, physical fitness requires personal care.

If you can commit to making yourself a priority for 60 days without allowing anything or anybody to stop you, you will have laid the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

So there you have it, four quick fitness recommendations. Sure, there are the clichéd (but accurate) fitness suggestions you hear from trainers who aren’t as cool as me.


-Limit sugary drinks (everyone knows this by now).

-Drink more water (YAWN!)

-Limit carbohydrate consumption during the day.

-Get enough sleep and rest.

-limit processed carbohydrate sources (omit grains for this one).


OK, you and I have had enough. But really, combining the four (4) suggestions above with what you currently know and practice would dramatically increase your chances of becoming and staying healthy.

Keep going!

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